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Motivations in Modern Banking: Understanding Why Consumers Respond in Certain Ways—and Using the Insight to Build Better Experiences
The banking landscape is transforming in response to wide-ranging trends: digitalization, competitive shifts, regulatory complexity and the unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In tandem, consumers’ desire for change—and speedy change at that!—has increased.

But not every consumer wants the same thing, of course. Client segmentation often starts with demographics—defining the “Who” by age, gender, living area, affluence, etc. Other observable behaviors add the “How” and the “What”: How they communicate. How they shop. How they bank. What kind of investments they make. What touchpoint they use more often than others.

It’s time to go further. To truly understand your consumers, uncover the “Why.” We all have triggers that determine whether we look back at an experience with satisfaction. Our motivations (often unconscious) must be met appropriately, at the right time, with the right technology, to ensure customer experiences that matter.

In partnership with NielsenIQ, we surveyed over 12,000 consumers in 11 countries to explore what’s behind the way they engage with banking and technology. The analysis uncovered five “Tech Types”: financial consumer segments, each with a unique set of motivations, desires and expectations around banking technology.

During this event we will share key findings from the research, along with vital insights and concrete examples for selected ‘Tech Types’ to help you design seamless journeys for a superior UX. Financial institutions that consider such triggers can improve outreach and service quality, win higher loyalty, and focus investments on areas where you can make the biggest difference.

Plus, our experts will discuss ideas for reducing the complexity of managing your self-service channel and arm you with the knowledge you need to make educated, thoughtful and strategic decisions about how to maximize your resources and improve the availability of your network.
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Özlem Yilmaz-Daniel
Customer Insight Consultant @NielsenIQ
Thomas Karakalos
ATM Managed Services Champion @Diebold Nixdorf
Ross Teague
User Experience Expert @Diebold Nixdorf
Devon Watson
Chief Marketing Officer @Diebold Nixdorf
Scott Anderson
Trusted Banking Advisor @Diebold Nixdorf
Anja Popp
Senior Research Analyst @Diebold Nixdorf